Cooling When you Need IT Most

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Scale the Cool

Cover nearly any surface, any size.

Radiative cooling roof membrane adhered to corrugated metal roofing panel

Roof Overlays

Radi-Cool™ reflective films and membranes represent the latest in passive cooling technology. Self-adhesive films can be installed on metal, glass, or vinyl. Membrane, with its thick waterproof adhesive, can be applied to almost any roof surface.

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Cold Chain
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Commercial building with radiative cooling window tint

Window Films

Radi-Cool™ window and skylight cooling films come in an array of reflectance and tint levels for a variety of window and skylight applications. They are easy to apply using existing window tinting methods to create bubble-free and long lasting installations.

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Radiative cooling fabric event tent


Radi-Cool™ PDRC coated fabrics come in a variety of base fabric materials, weights, and weaves. With nine different fabrics to choose depending on use case, including clothing and hats, tents, canopies, curtains, umbrellas, and upholstery.

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Our World Is Overheating

A structure’s temperature largely depends on its roof. Even traditional white paint and light-colored shingles absorb heat from the sun, overheating our homes, businesses, infrastructure, and cities.

The Solution – Daytime Radiative Cooling


A reflective layer bounces sunlight away to keep the sun’s energy from being absorbed


A functional layer emits wavelengths of heat through earth’s atmosphere and into the cold of space


A self-cleaning UV resistant layer keeps your outdoor surfaces safe from weather and sun for years

Side-By-Side Comparison

Move the slider to view a “before” and “after” comparison of an electrical machinery cabinet with Radi-Cool™ reflective film installed.