Next-Gen Cold Chain

From farm to fork and lab to loading bay, passive daytime radiative cooling offers a fresh take on cold chain logistics. Discover peel & stick supplemental cooling for your reefer trucks/boxcars, cold storage warehouses, and temperature-controlled packaging.

Disruptive Tech, Seamless Install

PDRC gives an instant cooling boost to refrigerated and frozen warehousing and transport. Roofs, including white “cool roofs” heat under the sun. Radi-Cool membranes unroll and self-adhere on top of your existing roof to turn it into a true cooling roof. A 53′ reefer trailer roof equipped with Radi-Cool provides the cooling equivalent of a 1-ton refrigeration unit running 24/7*. Reduce heat penetration, decrease pull-down times, build fleet resilience, and save on fuel, especially when stationary under intense solar radiation.

Radi-Cool membrane passively cools a 53′ reefer roof with the energy equivalent of:



Gallons of Diesel



Pounds of Coal



Gallons of LNG

Styrofoam cooler

Insulation Buys You Time,
Radi-Cool Rewinds The Clock

Insulation has long been the backbone of cold chain operations. However, during periods of extreme heat, even the most robust insulation can fail to maintain optimal temperatures, putting the integrity of cold chains at risk.

Integrating Radi-Cool into existing cold chain infrastructure augments the capabilities of conventional active and passive systems. Not only does it provide an additional layer of temperature protection, it saves money and energy.

“Compared with the baseline of conventional steel roof, annual cooling energy saving can reach 65.2% when the radiative cooling metamaterial is applied on the roof.”

Performance evaluation of radiative cooling for commercial-scale warehouse

Zero Electricity, Real Cooling

Discover the simplicity and power of PDRC technology. Join us in redefining cold chain logistics.

Roof membrane on corrugated metal roofing

Harness the power of PDRC today

Laying Radi-Cool Membrane on Granary #26

Learn the science behind PDRC

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