Cows on a hot summer day

Keeping Cows Cool

Passive daytime radiative cooling (PDRC) technology offers an innovative solution to keep cows cool during hot summer days. As Arizona’s sole distributor of PDRC materials, Coldrays is helping farmers increase milk production and keep their herd cool.

Cooler Cows, Better Milk

PDRC roof membranes reduce maximum THI and mitigate heat stress conditions in barns, milking parlors, and under shade structures. Not only do comfortable cows produce more milk, their milk is also more nutritious and more valuable. Coldrays is dedicated to helping American farmers improve animal welfare, increase milk production and profitability, and advance the sustainability and resilience goals of a particularly heat-sensitive industry.

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% Total Yield Increase*



% Protein Increase



% Fat Increase

Reducing THI

Heat stress causes a sharp decrease in a dairy cow’s milk production, milk quality, fertility, and wellbeing. Even with active heat mitigation, productivity losses from heat stress total to an estimated $1.5 billion annually for American dairy farmers. Traditional cooling methods like misting and mechanical ventilation are effective, but in the face of accelerating warming trends, the dairy industry is in need of innovative supplemental cooling solutions.

During peak summer, PDRC + evaporative cooling can reduce temperature humidity index by up to 7.1% compared to evaporative cooling alone.

Applications and Implications of PDRC in Dairy Farming – Coldrays LLC

Zero Electricity, Zero Water, Easy Install

Do you own or manage a dairy? Discover the simplicity and power of PDRC technology. Imagine a solution that’s as kind to the environment as it is to your cows, boosting their well-being and your milk yield without any complex setups. It’s eco-friendly, farmer-friendly, and just plain smart. Join us in redefining dairy farming efficiency.

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Cows in a barn using passive daytime radiative cooling

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