Cool Down, Power Up

When it comes to electrification, keeping things cool, efficient, and reliable, is crucial to long-term success. Enter Radi-Cool overlays: cool roofs, walls, and outdoor cabinets by up to 60°F without electricity or pricey maintenance!

Scalable Deployment, Seamless Integration

Whether you are looking to cool rooftop micro-inverters, neighborhood transformer boxes, or megawatt-hour battery energy storage systems, Radi-Cool films and membranes represent the latest in passive daytime radiative cooling technology. By reflecting incoming solar radiation and radiating heat into the upper atmosphere, Radi-Cool keeps electrical enclosures and heat exchangers significantly cooler, even under noontime sun. And with a strong self-adhesive backing, adding Radi-Cool to new or existing projects is as simple as peel & stick.

Battery Energy Storage Systems
Transformer Boxes

Cooling When It’s Needed Most

When temperatures soar, the demand for electricity spikes, placing added strain on our power grids. Implementing passive cooling into our electrical infrastructure gives us a more efficient and reliable grid, specifically when it matters most.

In addition, extreme heat decreases performance and shortens lifespans of electrical components like batteries, transformers, and inverters. Reducing peak heat in these components helps limit disruptions, early failures, and costly replacements.

Standard Surface: 128°F
Radi-Cool Surface: 72°F
Surface Difference: -56°F

Surface Temperature Test of Electrical Box in Japan

Zero Electricity, Real Cooling

Discover the simplicity and power of PDRC technology. Join us in redefining the way we cool our grid.

Roof membrane on corrugated metal roofing

Harness the power of PDRC today

Laying Radi-Cool Membrane on Granary #26

Learn the science behind PDRC

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