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Next-Gen Cooling Care For Horses

Passive daytime radiative cooling (PDRC) technology offers an innovative and sustainable solution to keep horses cooler during scorching summer days.

Cool Horses, Happy Companions

When it gets hot, horses are quick to suffer from heat stress and exertional heat illness (EHI). These heat related conditions are serious in nature, with symptoms including dehydration, increased respiration, irritability, exhaustion and decreased appetite. In the event a horse cannot sufficiently cool themselves, heat stress can quickly lead to heat stroke and death.

Radi-Cool roof overlays use a new technology named Passive Daytime Radiative Cooling to passively cool barns, stables, run-ins, and travel trailers. Simply unroll, peel, and install in order to lower roof temperatures by up to 80°F under noon summer sun. Radi-Cool instantly turns scorching surfaces into colder-than-air chillers.

In addition, fly nets and turnout sheets made with Radi-Cool radiative cooling fabrics can directly cool a horse’s skin under scorching sun. In a warming world, Coldrays products are a simple and low-cost way to keep your horses cool, comfortable, safe, and happy.

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Safer Horse Transport

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The best-planned trips with your horse can turn dangerous when traffic, breakdowns, or unexpected delays turn a stationary trailer into an oven. Even a short stop at a gas station can cause a rapid rise in trailer temperature, quickly putting animals at risk of heat injury. With a Radi-Cool covered trailer, you can travel at your leisure knowing that your horses are cool and safer, both moving or stopped.

Stationary under summer sun, Radi-Cool overlaid trailer roofs stay up to 40°F cooler than white roofs and up to 80°F cooler than black roofs. The result: trailer interiors 15°F – 40°F cooler exactly when it’s needed most.

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Zero Electricity, Zero Water, Easy Install

Are you a horse owner or barn manager? Join us as we revolutionize equestrian cooling with the simplicity and power of passive daytime radiative cooling technology.

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