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Radi-Cool™ Knitted 30D Fabric

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TP400 combines a light knitted weave with a beautiful light blue coating optimized for passive radiative cooling. Lightweight, incredibly soft, waterproof, and pliable, TP400 is perfect for hats, neck drapes, and other cooling, sun-protective outerwear.

Technical Data Sheet

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Introducing our Passive Daytime Radiative Cooling Fabric, a cutting-edge solution designed for optimal performance and versatility in professional applications.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Polyester, ensuring a perfect balance of durability and cooling efficiency.
  • Yarn Count: 30D x 30D, offering a fine weave for lightweight comfort.
  • Yarn Density: 21 x 21, contributing to the fabric’s structural integrity.
  • Base Fabric Thickness: 120 μm, providing a lightweight foundation for a wide range of uses.
  • Base Fabric Weight: 58 g/m², striking the ideal balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Width: 1.6m, offering ample coverage for efficient manufacturing.
  • Color: Available in white, ensuring a neutral and professional aesthetic.
  • Coating Color: White/blue/beige, providing options for customization.
  • Length: 50m/roll, catering to bulk manufacturing requirements.
  • Base Fabric Coated Width: 1.4m, ensuring consistent and reliable coverage.
  • Fabric Coverage Area: 70m², offering a substantial coated surface for various applications.
  • Total Coated Fabric Thickness: 200 μm, adding an extra layer for durability.
  • Coated Fabric Weight: 255 g/m², ensuring a resilient final product.
  • Solar Reflectance: 82%, minimizing heat absorption for superior cooling.
  • Visible Light Transmittance: 10%, balancing shade with visibility in outdoor settings.
  • UV-Shielding: 99%, providing optimal protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Atmospheric Window Emissivity: 90%, optimizing heat dissipation for enhanced cooling.

Suggested Uses: Ideal for manufacturing hats, umbrellas, and outerwear, this passive daytime radiative cooling fabric offers a professional and efficient solution for various applications.

Choose our cooling fabric for a reliable and high-performance material that meets the diverse needs of your professional endeavors.


Weight68 lbs


Yarn Count

30D x 30D

Yarn Density

21 x 21

Base Fabric Thickness


Base Fabric Weight

58 g/m²





Base Fabric Color

White, Blue, Beige



Base Fabric Coated Width


Fabric Coverage Area


Total Coated Fabric Thickness


Coated Fabric Weight

255 g/m²

Solar Reflectance


Visible Light Transmittance




Atmospheric Window Emissivity



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