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Radi-Cool Sun Hat – Floral


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Say goodbye to sweaty discomfort under the scorching sun with this innovative accessory that keeps you cool and stylish simultaneously. Crafted with advanced radiative cooling technology, this hat not only shields you from harmful UV rays but also actively dissipates heat, ensuring a pleasantly cool sensation throughout wear. Experience shade-like cool even under direct sun.

Designed with a charming floral motif, this Radi-Cool sun hat adds a touch of whimsy to your outdoor adventures while providing unparalleled comfort. The hat also comes with a removable neck flap that provides additional cooling and sun protection. Unlike traditional hats that trap heat, this hat’s specialized fabric absorbs and emits thermal radiation, effectively lowering the temperature around your head and neck. Whether you’re strolling through the park, enjoying a picnic, or lounging by the beach, stay effortlessly cool and chic with the Radi-Cool sun hat, your ultimate summer essential.


100% Polyester


100% Cotton


One size fits most


3.2 Ounces


Store in a dry place. Avoid direct contact with sunscreen.


Hand wash with mild soap and water and allow to air dry. Do not machine wash. Do not use bleach or detergent. Do not iron or steam. Do not tumble dry.


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