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Oxford 150D

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Don’t tell the others but TP500 is the coolest new fabric in town. Tied with TP300 as our highest-performing cooling fabric, TP500 provides a heavier oxford weave with 350 thread count woven from 150 denier polyester thread. With base fabric thickness of 140 μm and weight of 105 g/m², the TP500 provides a medium weight, smooth, and stiff foundation. Rolls are 1.57 m (62″) wide, with 1.5 m (59″) of usable coated fabric width. At 70 m (229′), each roll provides 105 m² (1,130 ft²) of coated cooling coverage.

The fabric has unmatched solar reflectivity of 85%, while the coating provides over 90% atmospheric window emissivity. Combined, TP500 is able to reach temperatures below air temperature. The coated fabric comes in at 200 μm thick and weighs in at a medium-heavy 255 g/m². TP500 is sun safe, blocking 99%+ of harmful UV rays while letting 4% of visible light through for significant darkening without a full blackout effect. With a hydrostatic pressure rating of 5,000 mm, TP500 is ready for the elements with waterproofing perfect for light to moderate rainfall. Like all Radi-Cool™ fabrics, TP500 is low VOC and safe for use in direct skin-contact applications.

Ideal for shade tents, car covers, and awnings, this Passive Daytime Radiative Cooling Fabric is designed to excel in various outdoor settings. Its durable construction, cooling capabilities, and weather resistance make it a reliable choice for those seeking optimal comfort in their outdoor ventures.

Care instructions: Hand wash with mild soap and water and allow to air dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Do not use bleach. Do not iron or steam.

Suggested Uses: Shade structures, event tents, car & windshield covers, hats, bags, outdoor upholstery. Choose TP500 for a great balance of cooling performance and durability.

Cooling Power

❄️ ❄️ ❄️



Yarn Weight


Thread Count


Base Fabric Thickness

140 μm

Base Fabric Weight

105 g/m²

Base Fabric Width

1.57 m

Base Fabric Color

Light Grey

Coating Color


Roll Length

70 m

Coated Width

1.5 m

Coated Coverage

105 m²

Coated Fabric Thickness

200±10 μm

Coated Fabric Weight

255±20 g/m²

Solar Reflectance


Visible Light Transmittance




Atmospheric Window Emissivity




Light Transmission



Yes. ≤20 ppm Formaldehyde

Hydrostatic Pressure

5,000 mm

Breaking Strength

Warp: 800 N/50mm
Weft: 500 N/50mm

Tearing Strength

Warp: 12 N
Weft: 14 N

Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap and water and allow to air dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Do not use bleach. Do not iron or steam.

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