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Reflective Film

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Introducing our Reflective Film – an advanced solution for unparalleled passive cooling. With an impressive solar reflectivity of 91% and exceptional atmospheric window emissivity of 93%, this film stands out as the ultimate choice for maximizing cooling efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Solar Reflectivity: Boasting an impressive 91%, this film ensures superior reflection of solar radiation, contributing to optimal passive cooling.
  • Atmospheric Window Emissivity: With an outstanding emissivity of 93%, our reflective film excels in dissipating heat, making it an ideal solution for a variety of applications.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for buildings, vehicle roofs, electrical infrastructure, or any non-transparent surface with a view of the open sky, this film offers comprehensive coverage for various exterior settings.
  • Design Recommendation: We suggest applying this film in scenarios where a bright silver finish is desired on sky-facing, smooth, hard materials with clean surfaces. For rough surfaces, our reflective membranes are the preferred choice.

This self-adhesive film doesn’t simply reflect the sun’s rays; it actively whisks away internal heat. Experience an outstanding cooling power of 143 watts/meter². Real-world pilot projects saw interior temperature reductions of 11°F (~6°C), resulting in significant air conditioning energy savings ranging from 20% to 50%.

Cool down your space efficiently while reducing energy bills – choose this film for a winning combination of innovation and sustainability.

Looking for a version of this with a rugged adhesive for textured surfaces? See our Reflective Membrane.

Radiative Cooling Power

13.3 watts/ft² (143 watts/m²)

Solar Reflectivity


Emissivity (8μm – 13μm)



Bright Silver


0.02mm (adhesive) + 0.18mm (film)


4' (1.225m)


164' (50m)


41.9lbs (19kg) per roll


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