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Transparent Exterior Film Skylight

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Introducing our premier skylight and window cooling solution – the ultimate choice for spaces exposed to intense afternoon sun. As our darkest and coolest film, tailored for skylights and west facing windows, T13300W reflects 65% of incoming sunlight and rejects over 99% of harmful UV radiation. Combined, this film rejects 85% of total solar energy.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 5′ wide and up to 98.5′ long per roll
  • Shading Coefficient: 0.17
  • UV Radiation Rejection: Over 99%
  • Visible Light Reflection: 65%
  • Atmospheric Window Emissivity: 84% — delivering 12.3 watts/ft² (131 watts/m²) of cooling power
  • Privacy and Aesthetics: Reflective silver exterior finish not only provides daytime privacy but also enhances heat rejecting capabilities
  • Application: Apply film on window/skylight exterior

In a pilot study conducted in Singapore, a glass-roofed house equipped with this film experienced an impressive temperature reduction of up to 11°F (~6°C), with an average reduction of 7°F (~4°C). This is our coolest window film available, combining high solar reflectivity with atmospheric window radiative cooling.


Outer Surface



Shading Coefficient


Visible Light Transmittance


Visible Light Reflected


Ultraviolet Light Rejected


Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER)


Atmospheric Window Emissivity


Cooling Power

12.3 watts/ft² (131 watts/m²)


0.02mm (adhesive) + 0.06mm (film)


98.5' (30m)


5' (1.520m)

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